Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Participation Gap


Reading the article " Will mobile Affect it" and the the paper " The state of the 2012 - Mobile Politics". I think that in this day and age that it is a paticipation gap in in today's world. People have the technology to and Mobile device to have a affect on mobile device era. i think it that people are overwhelmed and have a difrrent comfort levels when it come to technology. Most people like it but, there are people that think there to much of it. Most people have the access to the internet but limited access of it and with that people gain a diffrent feeling of use the mobile internet and how they feelusing it. in reading the paper on the 2012 politics
mobile devices are a big thin in the eclection it stated that 27% of the registered voters who own a cell phone in the eclection campaign uses there phone to keep up with current new of both presidental canidates. State that cell phone apps are also playing  a relatively a minor role in the election as well.

In reading the following paper i feel in the future the mobile audience will grow rapidly. everyone will be using their cell phone for everying. Socail media today is already big to the mobile audience and 3 to 5 years friom now it will be even more epic to see what they come with next. Mobile devices are taking the place of labtop and home desktop computers. there will be a big difference in al the new apps that will come out in the next 3-5 years.

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