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Affirmative Action vs. White Privilege

Affirmative Action vs. White Privilege
When you think of Affirmative action white privilege comes in mind and they are the same but for different ethnic groups. According to the author  Stanley Fish , “affirmative action was designed to correct the imbalances caused by racism in the United States , by giving preferential treatment to minorities in the hopes of achieving social equality”. White privilege is the structural, and generally invisible assumption that white people define a norm and Black people are other dangerous, and inferior. Peggy McIntosh observes that privilege can “take both active forms, which we can see, and embedded forms, which as a member of the dominant group one is taught not to see”. This thing called “whiteness” displaces it from the unnamed status that is itself an effect of its dominance”. Among the effects on white people of race privilege and of the dominance of whiteness is their seeming normative, their structured invisibility.

Research show that whites are claiming Reverse discrimination
Reverse discrimination is somewhat unfortunate because the term "discrimination" has come to carry such negative vibe that when we see it, we are prejudiced against it immediately. On the other hand, the "reverse" could imply the goal of seeking to reverse the effects of past and present discrimination. Regardless of whether it is prejudicial or appropriate, the label has become so common that it cannot be avoided. The problem here cannot be simply the issue of discrimination because those who attack affirmative action as an example of unjust reverse discrimination do not appear to be opposed to any form of with this; we have a better basis for evaluating whether affirmative action qualifies as "reverse discrimination." Is it motivated by contempt for some target race? Perhaps such contempt for whites exists for some involved in affirmative action, but it really cannot be claimed as a motivation for such programs. When someone is denied a job or school admission because of affirmative action, is this exclusion seen as desirable in and of itself? No, at worst it is regarded as an unfortunate means for achieving a socially desirable end in which minorities are able to better contribute to society despite past racism and discrimination. The author Michael Norton states, “ Although some have heralded recent political and cultural developments as signaling the arrival of a post racial era in America, several legal and social controversies regarding "reverse racism" highlight Whites' increasing concern about anti White bias. We show that this emerging belief reflects Whites' view of racism as a zero-sum game, such that decreases in perceived bias against Blacks over the past six decades”. The Affirmative action is to help equal out America and help minorities have a better opportunity at live, but it is not use to bring down white or cause racist act against any ethic group.
Although there are still some discrimination going on
It is going to take another several generations before this country truly sees a serious decline in racist attitudes. Even then racism will be there in some way shape or form. But those people will be in a seriously castes out. An example is the "N" word how it has been acceptable after the Black Power/Soul era, which ended I'll say in the late 70's. For the past two or three decades, black youth have used that word as a synonym of words such as "brother" "partner" "good friend". In that culture, that word is one of many terms that have developed into a language for those who are a part of the culture. In essence, the culture has taken a word with a historic negative connotation and used that term as a positive. White guys who are in the "culture" respect never to use that word so they would never use the term unless it was in an aggressive or negative tense, but the older generation would be upset how my generation uses the word and how the meaning have change of the word the past generation. The author Asraa Mustufa “Researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School are releasing a study which found that many white people feel that anti-white racism has increased and even surpassed racism towards black people”.  It crazy to think that white are the ones today that feeling the reverse racism from minority groups.  Their data demonstrates that white people feel that more progress has been made toward equality than blacks do, and that this progress has been made at their expense. Put another way, many white respondents seem to view “reverse racism” as a bigger problem today than anti-black racism because how they are being treated with something called affirmative action in America.

What i learned from doing this Project
What i learned that Affirmative action is that the biggest benefit from it ins white women , and because women are considered as an minority. Affirmative action have grant people opportunities and get interview to get their foot in the door of society. that equal employment opportunity is different from affirmative action. says that affirmative action is use to recruit hire and promote and equal opportunity.  Equal employment opportunity means to give of full employment opportunities hiring without discrimination based on religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, arrest record.

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